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bath and body works

10 Yummy Summer Fragrances from Bath and Body Works

Bath and body works products have been around for a number of years.  Truthfully, no matter how much you love you fancy perfumes you always need a stash of these yummy scents in your collection. We have some great summer options you can try.

1.Love and Sunshine

Even the very name lets you know that this is a perfect summer fragrance.

2.Tahiti Island Dream

You’ll smell like a tropical bliss with this coconuty scent.

3.Cotton Blossom

Very understated and unobtrusive, this clean, fresh scent is ideal for those who cant stand the overpowering sweet scents.

4.Japanese Cherry Blossom

One of the most popular fragrances and loved by so many people. This Cherry Blossom scent is sweet but not overpowering.

5. A Thousand Wishes

You can tell by the color and sparkly design that this is from their holiday line of fragrances, but it works well for summer as well.

6.Magic in the Air

Bring a little magic into your life this summer with this fresh scent guaranteed to turn heads.

7. Amour

Send yourself some summer love with this scent guaranteed to bring compliments all summer long.

8. Forever Red

One of my absolutely favorite scents from Bath and Body works, and the longevity is better than many of the others.

Bath and body works

9. Be Joyful

I think this is one of their holiday scents but it works for any time of the year.

Bath and body works

10.Almond and Vanilla

I’m obsessed with any vanilla scent, so I don’t need to tell you that this is a must for your bath and body works collection.

Bath and body works



Which of these Bath and body works fragrances are you working with this summer. Let us know in the comment section below.

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