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Makeup Tutorials | 5 Ways To Update Your Makeup Bag

Every now and then we catch ourselves looking at our makeup kits wondering how it got so big and boring so today I’ll show you ways to update your makeup bag.

Just in time for the winter season, for those who have winter at least, but for everyone else who wants to celebrate layers and dark colors let’s do that by sprucing up our makeup kits with new stuff and for winter too! Totally opposite from my attempt at capsule makeup collection, by the way, but here I am giving advice to anyone who is looking to create a more exciting makeup kit.

I know the colder season can sometimes affect our ways to function, a lot of us just want to hibernate and drink hot chocolate and be lazy, however, I hope these suggestions would add a bit more holiday cheer and merriment not only to you but also to your makeup kit. So if you’re ready go ahead and read on, find out how I would do it to welcome the new year!


Makeover Your Makeup Bag for Winter in 5 Ways

Here’s how I’d give my makeup bag an update this season. Of course, there are plenty of ways you can do this and this is just an example of how I’d tweak mine. Please do take note that not everything on my list is a must have for you but it definitely is a must have for me, more importantly, in my line of work.


Makeup Bag Update: Diva Ring Light

I know this won’t fit inside your makeup bag, but I recently got this and boy, oh boy! My selfie game has just improved by 100% You guys, I think for anyone out there looking to join the social media makeup caravan, this is a game changer for your photos. I love it. If you’re a makeup artists, this would be perfect in documenting your masterpieces!


Makeup Bag Update: Skin Care

Yes, winter is here and so are our flaky, dry skin, but no need to fret. Make sure you grab a hold of your favorite moisturizer to lather on because as I’ve said many times before, no amount of makeup can hide your dry skin. It will always show unless you have a walking Photoshop filter with you.

I’ve listed a couple of different moisturizers on here already so if you have not updated your routine, time to check out some new moisturizers that may be worth your money.


Makeup Bag Update: Winter Colors – Fall Palettes

I mean, not considering how many eyeshadow colors you have or how many lipstick colors you will ever need in your life, a lot of makeup companies are offering holiday/fall collections. Can you ever say no to new fall colors? It’s so hard to resist! So if you’re ready to get more, check out these holiday collections that were released and I’m sure you’ll find out which ones call to your heart.

Makeup Bag Update: Tools

Have you heard of the Silisponge? No? Then you should most definitely check it out, it apparently takes away the worry of wasting foundation because it’s a silicone pad that’s manufactured for makeup application. Never mind that it almost feels like you’re rubbing breast implants because let’s be honest, I’ve never had breast implants rubbed on my face so I would not know. It seems like a silly product but I would try it out, if it works, it works right? And how are your makeup brushes doing? Have you seen Elf Cosmetic’s new brush line? They look gorgeous and they have precision tools too. I haven’t actually seen these in action yet but according to Kathleen Lights they are “so soft” and they are affordable. I just might need to try this out for everyone.


Makeup Bag Update: High-End Splurge

Yes, I know you’ve been wanting to grab all of Tom Ford’s lipstick collection, if you haven’t tried it yet this season might be your best excuse yet because the colors off of the Autumn/Fall 2016 Collection are beautiful! Check out your favorite high-end brand and take a look at their holiday gift sets because more often than not, they will offer sets that include mini versions of their products bundled with other ones and that should be enough excuse for a high-end splurge.


Upgrading your makeup kit does not mean you have to stay on trend all the time, it could mean adding colors or adding a face brush that you’ve wanted to try for the longest time. It could also mean just throwing out pieces you don’t need and you’ve never used before. I know that sounds scary but trust me, it really isn’t after all you’re buying stuff you’re replacing them with, so I call it a win-win – well, for you really.


Check out how Fleur DeForce updated her makeup bag on this video below:


So how are you updating your makeup kit this season? Tell me about it in the comments section below and if you liked this blog post, take a look at these cool suggestions for your hair color this season!

And you know many things look beautiful with gray so I think I’m pairing my newly colored locks with this oversized gray sweater, how cute is that?:

Mason & Ivy Mila Oversized Grey Sweater


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