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Rihanna as Vogue Cover | Inspiring All-Women Companies In The Beauty Industry | FEatured

15 Inspiring All-Women Companies In The Beauty Industry

Female-led beauty companies do much more than granting us glowing skin and divine makeup looks. They bring strength, hope, and opportunity by creating companies led by women for women.

Here are the brands that opened up a whole new world of industry and leadership to a new generation of beauties.

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All Women-Owned Companies That Dominated the Beauty Industry

All Women Companies | Skin Care & Hair Care

1. Drunk Elephant

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Motivated by her own failed attempts to find the right skincare, Tiffany Masterson birthed Drunk Elephant. Led by her ingredient-elimination philosophy, she creates simple but luxurious active products.

Drunk Elephant brought us the T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial and the C-Firma Day Serum among other award-winning products. This all woman-owned company is one to watch out for.

2. Kate Somerville Skin Care


When her own father told her she can’t be the aesthetician in the industry, that’s precisely what she set out to do. Kate Somerville opened her own clinic and company in 2004 and cares for the most recognizable women.

3. Ouai

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Jet Atkin brought us one of the most beloved hair care companies in the beauty industry. She set out to provide luxurious products with affordable prices and without false advertising. Haircare is simplified and hair goals achievable with this woman-owned company.

All Women Companies | K-Beauty

4. Peach & Lily

@thisishowilookFirst impressions of Peach & Lilly serum and moisturizer! How did it work for u? ##tiktokreviews ##peachandlily ##skincare ##beauty ##morningroutine ##fyp♬ Mozart ‘s a Little Night Music – Classical Music

Armed with her Havard Business School degree and her passion for Korean skincare ingredients, Alicia Yoon launched K-Beauty company Peach & Lily. She found an opportunity to bring Korean philosophies and beauty secrets to the U.S., growing a company with just her womanly smarts and style.

5. Krave Beauty


Liah Yoo started out as a beauty influencer working at one of the top Korean companies. She discovered that the secret to beauty is to give the skin only what it craves, no more no less. Maximizing her knowledge of the beauty industry and personal experience with skincare, she launched Krave Beauty and brought us cult favorites The Beet Shield and Kale-Lalu-yAHA.

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6. Then I Met You

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

Charlotte Cho was inspired by Jeong, a Korean term that means a deep connection from something. She applies the same philosophy in her products, infusing the same amount of Jeong and care in the ingredients she chooses. Follow the journey of the Soko Glam curator beginning with The Glow Deeper Essential Set.

All Women Companies | Makeup

7. Tatcha

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If you’re a fan of perfect skin and face primers, you’ve likely heard about Victoria Tsai’s Tatcha. She brought to the modern world the ancient Japanese secrets to skincare and beauty. Mastering the use of the trinity of green tea, rice, and algae, she creates clean and transformative formulas so we too can enjoy the elegance of the geisha.

8. Huda Beauty


Huda Kattan launched Huda Beauty in 2013 with false lashes, today the brand sells lippies, palettes, and pencils faster than you can say “complexion perfecting.” She made her start in the beauty as a makeup artist to the stars and to the crown.

9. Anastasia Beverly Hills

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Look no further than Anastasia Beverly Hills for Instagram brows and fleeky furrows. Brow Queen Anastasia Soare opened her first salon in Beverly Hills in 1997 and launched its first product in 2000. Popularizing the golden ratio, she turned her salon into a multi-million dollar company.

10. Charlotte Tilbury


Queen of pillow talk (the brand’s best selling shade), leads the charge in glowing makeup looks since its founding in 2012. Charlotte Tilbury found her passion for makeup as a teenager, discovering how the world can change around you with a swipe of mascara. She’s become one of the foremost names in the beauty industry, armed with classic hard work and passion.

All Women Companies | Black Woman-Owned Brands

11. Pat McGrath Labs

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The black woman-owned company launched in 2015 by award-winning makeup artist Pat McGrath. With the mantra of obsession, inspiration, and addiction, she takes artistry and color to new heights. Pat McGrath Labs gives us the most luxurious palettes and formulas, leading the charge in both color story and creativity.

12. Beauty Bakerie

With its cute packaging and Cashmere Nicole’s creativity and makeup artistry, Beauty Bakerie took the beauty world by storm. This black woman-owned company was born out of the founder’s love for arts and goal to bring sweetness to life. Attach yourself to a company that made its way to both Forbes and Allure.

All Women Companies | Skin Care & Makeup

13. Honest Beauty

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Jessica Alba launched The Honest Company with the promise of providing honest, high-quality products. This means full transparency about what we put onto our bodies, sticking only to good ingredients that work.

14. Flower Beauty


Our favorite angel Drew Barrymore created cruelty-free, drugstore brand Flower Beauty with the belief that makeup can bring us our most joyous self. And that empowering makeup doesn’t need to come at a cost.

15. Fenty Beauty

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When bad gal Riri isn’t making music, she’s making makeup for everyone – and I mean everyone. She seeks to create inclusive makeup that caters to all skin tones because makeup is one of a woman’s best forms of self-expression. If you want to look just as badass, look no further than Fenty Beauty.

Check out Desi’s tutorial on crystal makeup to celebrate the power of makeup and the women behind them:

I hope this article plants a seed of hope and inspiration and you that will bring fruit to a new, stronger you. The beauty industry has always been about allowing us to bring forth our best faces forward, with confidence and resilience.

If this doesn’t inspire you to launch your own brand, let it push you to take ownership of your destiny and future!

Which all women-owned companies have you been stanning lately? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section below.

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