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woman in orange zip up jacket | Stunning Ways To Slay Your Fall Look With Brown Lipstick | Featured

10 Stunning Ways To Slay Your Fall Look With Brown Lipstick

Brown lipstick has made a comeback from the ’90s, so it’s time to master the look. Fall in love with the shade all over again with these tricks.

It’s a step above your nudes and pinks but isn’t as edgy or vampy as your dark and purple shades. If you learn how to rock the look, you’ll find that it’s not actually as intimidating as you might think!

Here’s how to wear brown lipstick for your IG post.

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Pro Tips on How to Wear Brown Lipstick

Brown Lipstick | Prep Steps

1. Concealer

woman with eye makeup | fall makeup looks

Brown lipstick requires a paradigm shift and isn’t as easy going as your nude lip shades. Like your lids need a primer, apply concealer on your lips before swiping on the color. This will help bring out the pigment and reveal the actual color of your brown lipstick shade.

You can also use concealer, later on, to cover up a mistake or correct overdrawn lips, but the next tip will prevent mistakes too.

The e.l.f. 16HR Camo Concealer is an affordable product highly raved about by beauty enthusiasts! You can get hold of this concealer for only $3.99.

2. Lip Liner

photo of woman in black tank top and blue denim applying lipstick in front of mirror | fall makeup looks

A lip liner will help you decide the shape of your lips if you want to overdraw a full lip. Most of all, it will help lock in the color for a whole day fall makeup look. Trace your lips with a lip liner in a similar shade, then fill them in like how you would a lipstick.

For a splash of color, dip your fingertips in your lipstick and dab from the inner area of your lips outward. Tap your brown lipstick directly on the inner corners of your lips, smack your lips a bit, then blend with your fingertips for a fresh wash of color. Otherwise, embrace your dark side and swipe on your lipstick directly onto your lips and blot with a tissue paper.

Brown Lipstick | Match the Brown Shade With Your Skin Tone

3. Fair Skin

beautiful-young-model-evening-makeup | fall makeup looks

The general idea behind shade matching is to match your skin tones with what you wear may it be makeup, jewelry, or clothes. For example, if your veins have a blueish hue (cool tone), silver jewelry (cool tone) will look best on you. Likewise, if your veins carry a green tint (warm tone), you will rock gold jewelry (warm tone).

Beauties with fair skin have cool undertones, so pair with a brown lippie with a cool undertone as well. Grab two matte shades, swiping the lighter shade on the inside of the lip and the darker shade on the parameter. The gradient effect will bring dimension to your lips and create the illusion of fuller lips.

If you have light skin but with a warmer undertone, grab a terracotta shade lipstick as these will warm up your complexion, revealing healthy and tanned skin. Opt for brown lipsticks with a hint of pink for a more natural fall makeup look.

4. Olive Skin

young-woman-applying-beautiful-lipstick-on | fall makeup looks

Beauties with olive tones already have warmth in their skin, so they can get away with deep, vampy chocolate shades. Whether you swipe on cool or warm shades, you’ll rock it either way.

5. Medium Skin

headshot-cute-asian-woman-professional | fall makeup looks

Medium-skinned women will look great with warm shades whether in pink or orange undertones. A terracotta lipstick, this fall’s it color, is a great shade if you want something natural but standout.

If you want to explore with cooler shades, I recommend tan or espresso shades as your skin’s undertone will warm up your lippie shade slightly. Avoid colors with gray or ashy hues as these will wash you out!

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6. Dark Skin

photo of woman wearing white and black floral headscarf inside car | fall makeup looks

The key is to have a contrast between your skin tone and lip shade, so reach for coffee tones, dark chocolate hues in neutral or warm undertones! Whether you want a matte finish or a plumping gloss topper, brown lipsticks will look absolutely gorgeous on your skin tone.

Vibrant shades look fresh and flattering on dark skin tones, you don’t need to just stick to brown hues. Don on a yellow dress, finish off your look with a burnt red or brown lipstick with a reddish tint, then make your way down the runway.

Brown Lipstick | Finish the Look

7. Gloss Is Boss

xr2Mt6zIdU8 woman wearing eyeglass | fall makeup looks

Matte brown shades tend to wash out and flatten our complexion, voiding our faces of dimension, but this can be easily resolved with a shimmery lip gloss or a shimmery brown lipstick. You can skip the lip liner if you’ll be swiping on a brown lip gloss.

Wanna stick to matte brown shades? Then the next tip will be your best friend.

8. Add Depth to the Rest of Your Face

women s grey spaghetti strap dress | fall makeup looks

Another way to bring back dimension and depth to your face is to contour the center of your face – cheek bones, nose, and eyes. Lightly contour the bridge of your nose with a faint and cool brown tone and contour below your cheekbones to bring back depth to your face. Focus your eye makeup look on your crease corners using a similar shade as your lip tint for a trendy monochromatic fall makeup look!

If you find that your makeup is still falling flat, apply a bit of highlighter on your brow bone, above your cheekbones, and the tip of your nose. You can even apply a bit of highlighter on your cupid’s bow!

9. Warm and Soften the Look With Your Face Makeup

woman portrait photography | fall makeup looks

Make your brown lipstick look more approachable by softening the rest of your face makeup. Opt for a soft glam look, using subtle hues and natural tints. The dark smokey eye may have to sit this one out.

Spent too much time on your brown lipstick? Cut your eye makeup short! Paint a nude shade all over your lid, then apply a deeper shade to your crease – done! With a bold lip color, you can even get away with just a swipe of mascara!

10. Bitten Brown Lipstick Look

woman wearing white minidress | fall

Went too heavy-handed on your brown lipstick? Dab your lips with a clean tissue to wipe off excess lipstick, focusing on the outer corners of your lips. Use your fingertips to blend outward and diffuse your lipstick to create a gradient effect!

Check out Tina Yong’s lipstick hacks:

Now that you know how to prep, apply, and finish, I hope you fall back in love with brown lipstick as much as I have! The color isn’t as daunting as you might have thought and is actually a great everyday shade.

Keep these tips and tricks in mind and I promise you’ll be rocking them like the Kardashians!

Are you wearing your brown lipstick or is the shade wearing you? Were these pro tips helpful? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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