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13 Trendy Fall Hair Colors To Update Your Look For The Season

The new season nip is here and so are the new fall hair colors! We’ve got great hair color ideas that will look great flying in the autumn breeze.

Continue scrolling to upgrade from a princess’s tiara to a queen’s crown.

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Fall Hair Colors to Add to Your to-Do List

1. Caramel Candy

woman closeup wearing white top | Trendy Fall Hair Colors To Update Your Look For The Season

Add a splash of caramel to your americano and then to your locks. Ditch the bleach and go two shades lighter this fall season. By foregoing the damaging chemicals, you’re given more leeway in terms of styling.

Spritz your damp hair with sea salt spray and tie into a bun, your hair will be wavy and full of volume the whole day. Finish your look with a bold lip, simple eye makeup, and a generous portion of sun protection!

2. Fall Bronde Balayage Hair Color

woman with long curly hair with pink background | Trendy Fall Hair Colors To Update Your Look For The Season

No, it’s not a typo – we checked. Bronde is the combination of blonde and brown and is this year’s staple hairstyle. If haircuts aren’t exciting to you, perhaps this new color treatment will put a pep to your step. A balayage is a beautiful hairstyle if you want to retain your natural color, but are looking to do something different.

For blondes, color your strands two to three shades darker in alternating sections to create a gradient effect. Brunettes should visit the salon to get their hair bleached where a stylist can plan how to naturally transform your brown locks into golden ones. Everyone should invest in a purple toning shampoo to eliminate brassiness.

3. Black and Brown Sombré

curly brunette woman | hair color

Not ready to commit to a haircut and hair color? Lowlights are this season’s It girl  hairstyle.

Shade your strands with dark chocolate tones or caramel highlights just two shades darker or lighter than your own hair. Curl your hair to give it dimension and volume, while the shade difference will help build depth. A natural look should be paired with bushy brows, brushed up and tinted with a color-matching brow mascara.

4. Fall Sophisticated Brown Hair Color

beautiful woman wearing knitted sweater | Trendy Fall Hair Colors To Update Your Look For The Season

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the classics, in fact, I recommend it! Whether it’s a warm- or cool-toned brown, it’s a timeless summer to fall hair color you can’t go wrong with.

It’s as romantic or as edgy as you style it and it’s just the right lightness to catch the midday sun, revealing full, luxurious locks. Because we’re going with a single shade, add soft waves to your hair with mousse, curlers and a blow dryer.

5. Roasted Espresso

simple woman wearing a plain black top | Trendy Fall Hair Colors To Update Your Look For The Season

Nothing pairs better with the autumn breeze than a warm cup of roasted espresso in your hands and in your tresses.

Fall is the season of cool hair color tones to match the cool currents, giving chocolate brown hues the spotlight. Keep it luxurious with a purple toning shampoo once a week and a hair mask twice weekly.

6. Fiery Red

red hair woman wearing a hat | fall season

Warm up this fall season with a fiery head of hair. Match the fallen autumn leaves with this glorious fall mermaid hair color.

Brunettes should take their time to transition to red hair as bleaching will take a toll on your tresses. Invest in bond maintenance treatments and a great color care hair care system for your locks to last all season!

If you prefer less maintenance (no, still not low maintenance) hair, you might prefer number seven.

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7. Copper Crown

copper haired woman | Trendy Fall Hair Colors To Update Your Look For The Season

A few shades deeper than number six is the copper crown, still boasting rich red tones but with a cuddle-by-the-brick-fire-place tone.

Red hair colors don’t typically last as long as other colors, so this is a great hassle-free option for beauties ready to take the plunge but not for too long. Like caramel hues, this vibrant copper color will reflect the light beautifully and set your OOTD ablaze.

8. Fall Ash Blonde Hair Color

woman wearing white bonnet | Trendy Fall Hair Colors To Update Your Look For The Season

Ash blonde hair color introduces gray hues and tones to your blonde locks, creating a cool-toned crown. To keep the cool tones and brassiness at bay – you know it – purple toning shampoo.

Because it’s such a stylish fall hair color, it will instantly elevate both your makeup and outfit for an effortlessly chic look everyday. This can be your entire fall revamp look.

9. Milk Blonde

woman with milky hair in white top | Trendy Fall Hair Colors To Update Your Look For The Season

No need for purple shampoo this time because we’re loving its creamy and milky texture! Cop the title of girl-next-door with this fall hair color perfect for both fair-skinned and olive-skinned beauties. Babes with medium skin and yellow undertones should expect to look even more tan with this warm-toned hue.

Tip: If your blonde locks have gone brassy, use purple shampoo but limit usage to once weekly. You want to keep the warm hue, but not the brass. Going hard on the toning shampoo will also stain your strands purple, and that’s an entirely different hairstyle!

10. Nirvana Blonde

blond hair woman wearing a turtleneck sweater | Trendy Fall Hair Colors To Update Your Look For The Season

Inspired by the pop goddess Selena Gomez herself is the nirvana blonde hair color.

Go platinum this autumn to rock opulent waves to match all eye colors. The contrast of this bright hair color will highlight your eye color and even the golden flecks in your eyes. Tint your mascara a cool-toned dark brown shade or color match with platinum brows as well, that’s all the character you’ll be needing this season. The new bold lip, if you will.

11. Shadow Roots on Blonde Hair

woman wearing a grey turtleneck sweater | Trendy Fall Hair Colors To Update Your Look For The Season

Transitioning from your summer hair? Opt for shadow roots to help seamlessly transition back to your natural brown locks. This will help mask regrowth and eliminate the demarcation line between your roots and dyed hair, plus it’s a whole new level of dimension and depth!

The different shades in your hair will team together to create the illusion of depth for a full head of hair, perfect for babes with thin hair. This fall hair color will last you until summer.

12. Silver

woman wearing a grey cardigan | Trendy Fall Hair Colors To Update Your Look For The Season

Let’s move on from golden tones to the chrome crown worthy of an entire IG feed. Go all out this fall season with a fresh hair color that will reflect even the moonlight. Also, a great hairstyle if you’re prepared to grow out your graying locks.

You know the drill – purple toning shampoo.

13. Bright Fall Hair Colors

long purple hair | Trendy Fall Hair Colors To Update Your Look For The Season

Nowhere to go but pop! This welcome pop of color will grant you an automatic upgrade to It girl status. Go red, hot pink, or lime green, but go bright.

Stick to demi-permanent dye – it won’t last as long, but it won’t be as damaging either. You want your hair to make it to the winter, be gentle on your tresses.

Check out Thalia’s cute and easy hairstyle ideas and tutorials: 

Have you fallen in love with the fall hair colors as much as I have? We’re putting cool tones, gray hues, and dimension all with a pop of copper and red hues. These tones and textures will bring the autumn feel to your locks and help to really get you into the season!

Now your hair matches your pumpkin spice latte.

Is your fall hair as cool as the autumn chill? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section below.


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