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Face Looks

How to do face makeup, how to match foundation, how to apply foundation, how to pick foundation, how to apply moisturizer, the best facial moisturizers on the market. How to properly use facial makeup and how to apply makeup.

Trend Alert: Blush Draping Makeup Tutorial
Draping is officially the new cool trend in makeup. It popped up on the fashion runways a few months ago, and since then many makeup gurus have adopted the trend. Read on as we show you some great ways to try draping, plus tutorial! Learn to Drape like a Pro If you've never heard on this…
8 ‘Must Have’ Products From Kim K’s Beauty Line!
Kim Kardashian is known for her beauty so when the reality star announced that she would be releasing a makeup line, it made sense. Although younger sister Kylie Jenner has already make her mark in the beauty industry with her billion dollar cosmetic company, KKW Beauty is also striking a chord with fans. Read on…
Useful Makeup Tips and Tricks-Part 2
Makeup tips and tricks are always useful, and if you enjoyed part one then you'll definitely need to read on for more great tips. Check them out below! More  Makeup Tips and Tricks Want to learn how to clean your mascara brushes or how to make your false lashes look natural? Of course you do, and…
Top 10 YouTube Makeup Tutorials You Need To Watch
Wondering what the best Youtube makeup tutorials to watch are? There’s no need to scour the annals of Youtube because we got a top 20 list right here! Catch Part 1 of our Top 20 Youtube makeup tutorials to watch below.  Top 20 Youtube Makeup Tutorials: Part One Here's a list you beauties will love -…
25 Unbelievable Special Effects Makeup Tutorials
Halloween is still a ways away, but for those wondering how to do Halloween makeup, we have just the list for you! We've rounded up a list of the freakiest, most unforgettable special effects makeup for Fun Friday! Celebrate the end of the work week by winding down with these fun and entertaining transformations! 25 Unbelievable…
Easy No Makeup Makeup Tutorial You Need For 2017
Do you love Alicia Keys’s liberating look? If you can’t let go of your makeup just yet, you can achieve a similar result with this no makeup makeup tutorial! Tweet Share Share Pin 297 297 Shares
7 Best Makeup Brands for the Modern Woman

Constantly on-the-go with barely enough time to sit down and get yourself glammed up before rushing to your next appointment? Whew, we're tired already. If this is your life in a nutshell, you're going to want to take a look at the best makeup brands for the modern woman. These makeup brands are designed to get you out the door and looking your best in less time than a Keurig takes to brew a cup of coffee. 

Guide On How To Wear Instagram Makeup Trends
The Ultimate Guide to Making Instagram Makeup Trends Wearable
What's old is new again, thanks to Instagram. Here's the ultimate guide to making those Instagram makeup trends wearable. Maybe not "everyday basis" wearable, but "date night" wearable. The Ultimate Guide to Making Instagram Makeup Trends Wearable From contouring your face to contouring your lips--these beauty trends originated on Instagram and became (almost) as famous as…
Best Hair & Makeup Looks from the Cannes Film Festival 2016

The Cannes Film Festival is all about glamour and this year, there was no shortage of glamour. With beauty looks that ranged from the most natural (#nomakeup) to bold smokey eyes, celebs put their best face and hair forward. Catch the best looks of the year's most glamorous event here.