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10 Bombshell Blonde Highlights On Brown Hair

Blonde highlights are making a comeback, so check out these trendy hairstyle tips and sport a cool new look this season!

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Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair | Hairstyle Tips

Blonde highlights are not a new trend nor a new hair color everyone is swooning over. They’ve been in style for many years and are further enhanced with modern coloring techniques.

There are highlights, lowlights, balayage, and ombre… and there’s a mix of all those too! Here are blonde highlights hair inspirations for you.

1. Bronde Hair Blonde Highlights on Short Hair

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Let me say this right off the bat—nothing beats the perfect combo of bronde hair! Bronde = brown + blonde is a term used by hair experts to describe the seamless mixture of blonde highlights with brown hair or vice versa.

It’s among the preferred hair colors for brown-haired ladies too. For a natural look (like you’re born with the bronde hair), go for full and blended highlights.

Or, you can opt to keep your roots darker and even the layers below. Your blonde highlights will look better with the dark contrast.

This will look good whatever your hair length is. Plus, it will also make your hair look fuller and even give it more definition.

2. Brown to Blonde Ombre

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The ombre hair color still wows us with many different but beautiful colors. For brown hair, changing it to a blonde ombre looks seamless than changing it from brown to red.

If you don’t want a big transition, you can try this ombre style. I suggest you combine the blonde highlights with the blonde ombre.

For a more flowy effect, the highlights should start with the brown roots and go down into the gradient color.

3. Balayage Bob

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Do you sport a bob? If you do, are you not switching hairstyles anytime soon? If you agree to both, then this blonde balayage is the perfect color for your bob!

Please do not believe people who tell you highlights do not look great on short hair. Truth is, highlights look great on any hair as long as they’re done right!

For ladies with a bob haircut and brown hair, tell your stylist to create blonde streak highlights on a brown base. This hair color will also add dimension to a short sleek bob and will look great in both straight and curly hairstyles.

4. Platinum Blonde | Blonde Highlights on Light Brown Hair

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Platinum blonde is an intimidating color to wear especially if you have dark brown hair. At first glance, platinum blonde on dark hair feels like it’s too loud or too attention-seeking.

But for hair experts, you have to use this contrast to your advantage. If you’re feeling courageous and want to try platinum blonde highlights, do a mix of ash and platinum highlights instead.

The beautiful contrast will be there and the combination of colors will mesh better in each passing day.

5. Frontal Highlights | Blonde Highlights on Black Hair

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We all know highlights add to the dimension of any hair and they give “oomph” to any hair color. But do you know how frontal highlights can impact your overall look?

I know frontal highlights aren’t for everyone because they’re a bit daring to pull off. But, if your stylist is familiar with your face and its features, he/she can create frontal highlights to accentuate your facial features!

And, with blonde frontal highlights, your face will light up!

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Do you need a flowery gift idea? Try this one!

6. Chunky Highlights | Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

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I don’t know about you, but when I get highlights, I like them thin. I feel like thinner highlights work better when blending in with the other colors.

But since we’re speaking of contrast, I’m also thinking of trying out chunky blonde highlights as well! This is a bold move, but if you’re looking for greater contrast, chunky highlights are the way to go.

They’re also good for covering gray hair (if you already have tons of them).

7. Blonde and Red | Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

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I must say, I love red hair color, and if I get to mix it with blonde highlights, then it would be a dream. Although I have not tried this hair color, I’ve read that red and blonde highlights are a common request to hairstylists.

The reason is when red highlights are mixed with dark brown hair, the result is rich burgundy. And again, the blonde highlights will add contrast. If you’re feeling bold, try this hair color!

8. Blonde and Rose Gold

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If going the red route is too bold for you, then may I interest you in a blonde and rose gold combo instead? Well, it’s not literally the metallic kind of rose gold so no need to worry there.

But this hair color will add a pink touch to your blonde highlights and brown hair. Some would also call this hair color strawberry blonde and it’s trending right now too!

Trust me ladies, the splash of pink on those dirty blonde highlights will stand out! And who doesn’t love pink anyway?

9. Irish Cream Blonde Highlights with Brown Hair

Irish Cream | Blonde Highlights with Brown Hair | Bombshell Blonde Highlights On Brown Hair
Formula How-To: Drizzled with Irish Cream Photo by Modern Salon

How do you like Bailey’s Irish Cream? A whole lot? You can turn your brown hair into a caramel decadent!

Everything is working well together and I can’t wait to try this one (maybe after my new hair color fades). Well, it’s not really for everyone, but if you have a boho side to you, you’ll enjoy this! It’s great for wavy hair too!

10. Blonde and Pastel Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair

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Your hair is an extension of your personality. So if you have a colorful and vivid personality, your hair should too! I’ve seen dark brown hair with rainbow ombre.

While it’s trendy, I think pastel colors are better when mixed with blonde highlights in particular. It doesn’t have to be full-blown colors, just color accents here and there.

For blonde highlights, pastel blue, purple, pink, and green will look beautiful!

Constant coloring can lead to dry and damaged hair. Make your own DIY hair mask to keep your hair well-conditioned and nourished. Here’s how from beautyklove:

Whether you have brown or dark hair, blonde highlights can give your hair life! Actually, when you look for blonde highlights hair ideas online, you’d see a lot of the looks similar to one another.

I guess, at the end of the day, it’s between you and your stylist—what suits your hairstyle, your skin tone, and your personality. That’s what’s going to make your hair special!

Do you have a favorite color combination for your hair? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on March 15, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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