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12 Summer Makeup Trends To Copy And Perfect Now

Along with the warm summer breeze are the summer 2020 makeup trends that are hotter than the sun! I’ve lined up the hottest and brightest makeup trends.

Fashion week brings us the latest and greatest in fashion and beauty, and this year’s summer looks are promising and reflect the colors of summer. Expect to see new ways to treat colors and natural summer makeup looks that are perfect for the hot and humid weather.

Don on your cottagecore dress and let’s find your summer makeup to finish the look.

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1. Natural, Feathery Brows


We’re leaving perfect and sculptured Instagram brows in 2019, and are loving natural and feather brows this summer! This ethereal brow look has taken over and it’s giving us an easy and natural look. As a bonus it’s easier to accomplish than its predecessor!

Add a dash of color enough to fill in your brows, and avoid creating harsh lines along the border of your brows. Instead of brushing your brow hairs toward the direction they bend, brush it up all the way up to the end. Don’t worry about the unequal length of the hairs, that’s what makes this look natural and lovely.

2. Neon Summer Makeup

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

The 80’s called – they’re coming.

Go for a bold eye look with a neon eye palette with or without eyeliner. Skip the eyeliner if y0u want to bring more color to your face, but an eyeliner will bring all eyes to your own. Such vivid makeup is best paired with a nude lip – that is unless you’re daring of course.

Use one neon color, or all of them. Take a cue from beauty guru Kylie Jenner and makeup artist Ariel on how to create a neon moment.

3. Watercolor Shadows

@amelapjwatercolor eye tutorial using nyx ultimate palette ##makeup ##eyeshadow♬ The Difference – Flume

Prefer shadows that aren’t brighter than the sun?

Keep cool this summer with watercolor shades in your summer makeup. Just like an artwork, explore with different ways you can blend the colors. Forget about the crease, center, and corner – the artistry of watercolor comes from how you blend the colors and allow them to melt into each other.

4. Get Blued

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

The wind in her hair, the sea on her lids – that’s how beauties do summer.

We’re loving electric eyes this summer, blue tones can be as feisty as the crashing waves or as serene as tranquil waves on the shore. Let this be your next summer eye makeup.

5. Bold Eyeliner Summer Makeup


Beyond cat eyes and tight lining, there’s so much more we could do with color and eyeliners.

Use a bold color with a graphic shape to frame the entire eye area instead of just the eyes. We said earlier that we’re finding new ways to use color in our summer makeup, so why not go with vibrant colors with neon tones? Yellow-green is my ride or die – what’s yours?

6. Heavenly Eyeliner

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

Yes, white eyeliner is still in the cards beauties! If you love the idea of floating eyeliner like in the previous summer makeup but are just a beginner with colors, go for white. White is an understated color that will play with any and all color palettes, but don’t underestimate its ability to make your makeup pop.

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7. Extravagant Eyelashes

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

Made you look.

Bring those embellishments from your eyes to the tips of your lashes because we’re loving extravagant lashes for our summer makeup. You can also opt for extra long lashes if that’s your jam – the keyword here is extra.

8. Glossy Lips Summer Makeup

beautiful young woman applying gloss | Summer Makeup Trends To Copy And Perfect Now

Wear lips as glistening as the ocean with a high shine lip gloss or oil.

Geared towards a more natural look, 2020’s summer makeup includes wet and hydrated list in its line up. If you’ve been doing natural makeup routine on your WFH days, spice it up a bit with glossy lips. Make sure all eyes are on you on your next virtual meeting.

9. You’re Flushed Blush

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

Fake that post fun in the sun look with flushed cheeks.

Grab a blush in the same shade of your lippy and go overboard – we’re allowing it this summer. Keep it classy by going with a subdued eye look, and natural and ethereal with a shimmery gloss.

10. Bare-Faced Beauty

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

Let’s face it, this has been our go-to look since the beginning of the quarantine.

This is the best summer makeup trend to beat the hot and humid summer weather. Reach for a lightweight foundation or spot correct with a medium coverage concealer, followed by a translucent setting powder to keep the finish and shade natural. A waterproof setting spray will make sure your summer makeup will withstand the elements.

11. Glass Skin Summer Makeup


We’re taking a cue from Korean beauty and keeping our skin dewy and hydrated this summer.

You’ll find a foundation with SPF 50 has a dewy finish, powder lightly to keep the wet look. Here’s a summer makeup tip for oily skin – go with your natural matte or velvet foundation and fake the glisten with a champagne highlighter. Champagne shades are natural and suit all skin tones and have a beautiful luminous sheen when they reflect light.

My summer makeup products include SPF because I love makeup that multi-tasks as skincare. Of course, I still apply SPF under my makeup.

12. Lavish Glitter

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

All that glitters is bold.

This summer, play around with glitter in your makeup look. Glitters aren’t exclusive to Coachella, and they’re not just for your lids either. Check out how Pony applied glitters above her cheekbones.

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

Check out Kathleen’s summer makeup tutorial to help our look last the whole day:

I hope this article has emboldened you to be more playful and creative with your summer makeup. These looks will only work if you wear them with confidence. This summer is all about mastering the art of color and wearing our best skin as trends emphasize natural, healthy, and glowy looking skin.

This may the best season of makeup yet!

Have you decided which look to master this summer? Let us know in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.


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