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Feature | Woman during morning routine in the bathroom | Ultimate Guide to Dry Skin Brushing

Ultimate Guide to Dry Skin Brushing

Dry Skin Brushing became a popular trend in the U.S a few years ago, but this is an ancient practice used around the world for many years. Read on as we share some of the benefits of this practice and how it can benefit your skin in more ways than one.

What is Dry Skin Brushing


The term is pretty self-explanatory; it is the act of using a specific type of brush to brush down the skin while it is dry. For this, you’ll need a natural bristle brush. There are quite a few synthetic options on the market these days, but I do not suggest using any of these!

Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

Think of it as a detox for the skin. Remember that the largest organ is your skin and it requires just as much care and attention than the other organs. This is not just for the purpose of beautification, although it does exfoliate dead skin leaving you with a beautiful glow. However, there are health benefits as well.

  1. Keep in mind that one-third of the toxins in your body are excreted through the skin. However, when the pores are clogged these toxins can’t escape so they remain trapped in the skin and can lead to health issues. Unclogged pores allow nutrients to enter the skin and you’ll notice an improved difference in the texture of healthy skin.
  2. It increases blood circulation and helps to stimulate the lymphatic system
  3. It helps to reduce cellulite

How to do it!


You’ll need to get naked inside your tub or shower. You don’t want to do this in your bedroom before you’re really brushing off dead skin which gets a little messy. Start brushing from the feet upwards in sweeping motions. It is suggested that you should always brush towards your heart.

Continue until you’ve brushed all areas of your body, some parts will be more sensitive than others. Once you’re done take a hot shower then pat your skin dry and use natural oil to seal in moisture.

You can do this twice a day, and remember to wash your brush with soap and water and allow it to air dry after each use.

Ever tried Skin brushing? what was the experience like? share with us in the comment section below!

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