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10 Stunning Ways To Rock A White Eyeliner

One of the most basic items in everyone’s makeup kit is the white eyeliner, granting that you have one in the first place. Very seldom does this product show up in our personal kit, which is why it’s interesting there are many looks you can create using a white liner.

The fact is most of the time white liner is used to help create the illusion of bigger eyes and there are definitely other ways to wear it. So I have created a list of white eyeliner makeup looks you can get inspired by.

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Bring on the Edge With White Eyeliner

1. Bare Necessities

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

White eyeliner is beautifully played when paired with the simplest makeup looks. Good, luminous skin work, a touch of gloss, and some wispy lashes to add to the effect. Not only does the white eye-line accentuate the cleanliness of this look, but it also takes center stage as it creates a brighter face.

Makeup artist, Dana Vaughan kept it simple but exciting by placing a highlight on the inner corner of the eye. That way it does not overpower the white accent.

2. Simple White Eyeliner Look

Cute Female Eye Brown Color | Rock A White Eyeliner With Stunning Ways

Even a simple eyeliner look such as this look created by Paula Tsukino looks a lot more sophisticated with a white eye line. Subdued by a matte neutral brown color on the lid and accentuated by a thin coat of mascara on the lashes, this look is done.

3. High Contrast


If there is anything we should take advantage of with white eyeliner, it’s the potential for high contrast expressions. This work is an excellent example of how a simple winged eyeliner can create an edgy editorial by playing off the beauty of melanin skin.

The artist even created a negative space over the crease by lightly placing a wash of white shadow in that area, which makes the look a lot more sophisticated.

This is another look for the high contrast white eyeliner:

@simona_monet##Prequel ##quarantinelife ##eyemakeupideas ##springmakeup ##floatingliner ##colorliner ##whiteeyeliner♬ La Vida Es un Carnaval – Ariel Rivero

4. Graphic Eye

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

A graphic eyeliner looks especially bold with a white liner like this look created by the amazing makeup artist, James Molloy. Using the starkness of a white eyeliner can help you create a unique and bold statement look that will definitely be a head-turner.

The one thing you want to be concerned about these kinds of looks is the symmetry. Don’t worry though, with practice everything is achievable.

5. Under Liner White Eyeliner


Creating an eye-catching look is rather quite easy with white liquid eyeliner as seen in this list so far. One of the more adventurous looks on here is this look created for Willow Smith. An effortless look with clean skin paired with just stained lips. This look will let your eyes do all the talking.

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6. Floating Whites


You cannot go wrong with a floating eyeliner look using a white graphic eyeliner makeup. It is simple enough and it creates a stunning look that doesn’t really need much.

Just like this look created for Gigi Hadid. She paired it with a really toned down detailed black eyeliner smudged at the edges to under the floating liner above.

Her skin work is also kept to a minimum with nude lips, keeping the focal point on the eyes.

There are many ways you can put on a floating white eyeliner, you can mix and match the techniques just like this one:

@vitgasparwhite eyeliner is my new obsession. ##fyp ##makeuplook ##foryou ##makeup ##makeupvideo ##tiktok♬ High Hopes – Emilee

7. Dual Liner With White Contrast


Another way to use white eyeliner is to use it as a negative space as in this makeup look on Bella Hadid. Using white liquid eyeliner closest to the roots of the lashes and lining it with black eyeliner, creating a dual liner look. It is really simple and really easy to do as well.

8. Split Eyeliner Look

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800] A white liner look can be used as a base for many different looks and one of them is as simple as using a different colored liner at the tips. Tyyrita using pink eyeliner to fill in the wings of this otherwise white liner look is an example of that. It creates a look that is unexpected but simple enough to be wearable.

9. White Cat Eye

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800] Switch up the usual cat eye by using a white liner instead of black and you would’ve created an edgier cat-eye look. Mirei only used the white liner on the outer and inner thirds creating subtle flicks that lend to that feline look that we all love.

10. Block White Eyeliner

Woman Wearing White Eyeliner Red Lipstick | Rock A White Eyeliner With 10 Stunning Ways

Another way of wearing a white eyeliner is simply by creating a thick, block eyeliner. This has been a staple at the Spring/Summer 2020 runway shows. It’s simple enough that you basically color in the lid space.

Whether you want to create a winged look or just a blunt, blocky look it will look edgy and sophisticated. Don’t forget to use mascara on your eyelashes because it helps frame the whole look together.

Find out what the top uses of white eyeliner are in this video by Foxy – Makeup Tips and Tutorials:

As makeup lovers, we tend to use a lot of colors but isn’t it a good challenge to create more with less? Even just by using the simplest product we can ever have in our kit. I hope you are as inspired as I am. I cannot wait to sit on my vanity and start creating.

Do you have other white eyeliner ideas? Share them with us in the comments section below. 


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